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Welcome to Dog's Day Out Daycare, Boarding, and Training! We are glad you want to learn more about us so that you can be comfortable entrusting us with the care of your pet. As dog owners ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be finding someone you trust to care for your dog when you cannot be there. Our goal is to provide the best possible care for your dog and peace of mind for you.

You can feel confident your dog will receive personalized love and attention.

Dogs need lots of exercise and stimulation or they will find unpleasant ways to rid themselves of their energy. Bring your dog out to join us for exercise, socialization, and play while you are at work or busy with daily hustle and bustle. Let us take one worry off of your shoulders and provide a fun place for your dog to be a dog!


Business Hours

  • 7:30-6:00 Mon-Fri
  • 9:00-4:00 Sat
  • 9:00-12:00 Sun

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4800 Sunnyside Gott Road Bowling Green KY 42103



You can download and print our forms to fill out here, or use the online form below. 

To request a stay, please fill out this form and someone from DDO will contact you. 

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Owner's Name
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Owner Agreement *
I am solely responsible for any harm caused by my dog(s) while my dog(s) is attending Dog's Day Out for any service.

Any problems which develop with my dog(s) will be treated as deemed appropriate by staff and volunteers of Dog's Day Out. I assume full financial responsibility for any all all expenses involved.

My dog(s) may get wet or dirt while playing and will only get a bath if requested (by owner) at normal bathing price.

When dogs are around other dogs, there is a chance they will pick up fleas, ticks, or other parasites. It is my responsibility to insure my dog(s) is current on preventatives for such parasites.

When many dogs are brought together, there is always a risk of communicable disease transmission.

While our staff is trained to follow precautions to insure play time is safe and fun, accidents and injuries can sometimes happen. Scrapes, scratches, and wounds may occur as dogs play with their paws and mouths when they romp around.

Dogs may be segregated at any time as behavior or need for rest warrants.

Dogs must be at least four months of age to participate in our services.

All dogs older than seven months of age must be spayed or neutered to participate in our services.

All dogs must be free of communicable conditions or any condition which could jeopardize other guests.
br> All dogs must be non-aggressive to participate in our services. We reserve the right to declare a dog's behavior unfit for our environment at any time.

All dogs must be current on rabies, yearly booster (or equivalent), and kennel cough vaccinations, Dogs must have complete vaccinations two weeks prior to participating in any of our services.

I give my permission to Dog's Day Out to contact my Veterinarian (or other available veterinarian on call) regarding vaccination status or any other health issue regarding my dog(s). I assume full financial responsibility for any costs involved with veterinary care deemed necessary by Dog's Day Out.

I understand that any dog picked up after 12:00 on their scheduled departure date will be charged a late pickup fee for that date.
Pam Brown - Owner

Pam Brown - Owner

Shelley - Manager

Shelley - Manager



Ashley - Assistant Manager

Ashley - Assistant Manager

Kelly - Groomer

Kelly - Groomer



Single Day: $20

 Half Day (6 hours or less): $10

Packages are available.


Basic: $28/night

Pampered Pup: $30/night

Very Important Pup (VIP): $32/night

2nd/3rd dogs are half price if rooming together

Pick-up Policy: Dogs picked up after 12:00 on their pick up day will be charged a single daycare fee.


Dog’s Day Out offers an array of grooming options for daycare and boarding clients. Our facility is equipped with professional grooming equipment such as the Davis ProPet Bathing System to ensure your pet leaves squeaky clean! Dog’s Day Out can provide your pup with services ranging from baths to blueberry facials and hydromassage. All grooming is by appointment. 



Express Bath*

This option is perfect for the owner just looking to take home a clean pup after a long day playing at DDO. The Express Bath provides Bath with our Davis ProPet Bathing System, Towel Drying, and Aromatic Mist. 

*Please note that this service is not suitable for pets with a heavily matted coat or those with excessively thick or long hair. These animals may incur additional costs due to being more labor and time intensive.*


Full-Service Bath

Looking to give your pup a little extra attention, without all the extras? The Full-Service Package includes Bath with our Davis ProPet Bathing System, Hand Blow-dry, Light Brush out, and Aromatic Mist.


Spa Package

Pamper your pet by providing them with our luxurious Spa Package. This package includes Bath with Davis ProPet Bathing System, Hydromassage, Conditioning Treatment, Blueberry Facial, Hand Blow-dry, Light Brush out, Aromatic Mist, and Bow or Bandana.


DDO Deluxe Package

Allow your pup the ultimate indulgence by pampering them with this head-to-toe treat! The DDO Deluxe includes Bath with Davis ProPet Washer, Hydromassage, Conditioning Treatment, Blueberry Facial, Paw Pad Treatment, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression, Hand Blow-dry, Brush out, Aromatic Mist, and Bow/Bandana.


DDO Deluxe Package with Trim

This package perfect for a furry friends with a medium or long coat! In addition to all services provided in the DDO Deluxe, this package also includes a sanitary trim along with trimming of the face and feet.


Prices may vary on all services based on breed, size of the pet, and condition of the coat.


Thank you for entrusting Dog’s Day Out with your pet’s grooming. Our grooming team is deeply committed to the wellbeing of your pet. The safety of your animal is our top priority and we take extra measures to ensure your pet’s comfort and security. All pets are required to have current Rabies, Kennel Cough, and DA2PPV vaccinations.


Definition of Services

Nail Trim

Nails are trimmed using professional dog nail clippers.

Nail Dremel

Nails are ground with a dremel tool to result in a smooth finish.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal glands are expressed upon request or as part of our Deluxe Package.

Ear Cleaning

Using a mild cleanser, ears are cleaned to remove dirt and wax.

Blueberry Facial

An extra mild, tearless aromatherapy facial wash is used to clean and brighten faces and muzzles.

Blow Dry

Your pup is hand dried with a professional pet dryer that does not use heat. Forced air allows for additional removal of loose hair.

Conditioning Treatment

We apply a deep conditioner to soothe dry skin and brittle hair. The conditioner is allowed to sit on the coat which aids in the removal of loose and dead hair.

Paw Pad Treatment

Give dry, cracked pads a break by signing your pup up for this service. The thick, lemon scented creme softens and soothes pads that have become dry or cracked from harsh weather or walking on concrete.


Your pup is gently brushed to distribute oils from the skin and remove loose hair.  The Spa and Deluxe packages include a brush out, however dogs requiring more than 15minutes of brushing due to excessive shedding, undercoat or matting, will incur additional charges.

Deshedding/Undercoat Removal

Dogs with excessive shedding and undercoat are perfect candidates for this service. A specialized shampoo and conditioner are used to loosen the coat, and then a specially-designed nozzle is used during the bathing process. As this process is more labor-intensive, you will be charged separately for this service.


Mats are removed from your dog’s coat through the use of special combs and brushes. In some cases, mats must be removed with scissors or clippers.

Trim Face

Hair is trimmed from the ears, muzzle, and around the eyes.

Trim Feet

Hair is trimmed from the paws and pads to keep dirt and debris from collecting in these sensitive areas.

Sanitary Trim

Also known as a “potty patch”, the sanitary trim removes hair from around the private areas. Dogs with medium to long coats benefit most from this service as it keeps pets cleaner.